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MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate is a leading, full-service national healthcare real estate firm. Focusing exclusively on healthcare, we provide comprehensive advisory, development, and financing services for healthcare providers that are customized to meet your specific needs.

Through our extensive capabilities and expertise, we have built lasting partnerships by consistently delivering value to our clients and have been rehired over 100 times. Trusted Partners. Proven Results.

MedCraft Investment Partners is our dedicated investment platform designed for nimble and flexible financing for healthcare facilities with a primary focus on creating economic value for our healthcare provider partners.

MedCraft Project Management provides comprehensive and highly specialized project management services for the healthcare industry, from feasibility assessment through facility activation. We offer a comprehensive set of capabilities, expertise and proprietary tools and resources focused on delivering our clients optimal results.

We are MedCraft – driven by our passion to make a difference in healthcare and in the communities you serve.

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MedCraft provides a turnkey solution for the development, financing, and ongoing management of new healthcare facilities. We bring a unique set of systems, methods, and leadership capabilities built on years of experience successfully delivering projects of all sizes and complexity across the country. Our turnkey offerings accelerate project delivery, leverage creative financing strategies, and deliver cost-effective facilities.

Owners Representation – Project Management

We provide comprehensive and highly specialized project management services for the healthcare industry. As an owner ourselves with extensive experience delivering inpatient, outpatient, acute, specialty and senior care facilities, our team applies the same expertise and approach to your project as we do ours. Our leaders function as an extension of your team, instilling the confidence that you are working with collaborative project management professionals who are dedicated to accomplishing your goals.

Financing & Acquisitions

Through our MedCraft Investment Partners platform, we have the capital, expertise and flexibility to design an investment and financing strategy that meets your objectives for new developments, acquisitions, and joint venture real estate ownership. Our solutions help you preserve and generate capital to support your strategic priorities and financing needs. We are long-term investors with expert healthcare asset management expertise focused on creating economic and operational value for our provider partners.

Real Estate Advisory

We offer real estate advisory services to assist our provider partners with designing and implementing effective real estate strategies that support their operational, strategic, and financial goals. From site selection to property dispositions to transaction management, we work collaboratively to ensure that our partners’ real estate portfolios provide the optimal economic value, are in the right locations, and support their clinical and administrative operations.

Strategic Facility Planning

MedCraft offers strategic facility planning, master planning, operational and functional programming services. Our team provides outcomes driven solutions that meet your needs today while providing flexibility for the future. Whether it’s creating the right program mix for new markets, improving flow in an existing facility, consolidation of programs or clinics – we can create strategic facility plans that turn your vision into reality.


With our full suite of leasing services and analytics, we design a real estate strategy to best fit your needs and goals. Whether Landlord Representation or Tenant Representation, we know how to structure your lease. Focusing exclusively on healthcare, our experienced leasing executives understand the unique needs of healthcare providers and the environments where they want to practice.

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We have completed 125+ healthcare projects in 28 states with over 11 million square feet and have been rehired 100+ times by 23 leading healthcare organizations. We have the depth, breadth, and experience to help you with your next project!




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